Nursing Home Neglect

When people place elderly family members in a nursing home, they expect these loved ones to receive excellent care. Sometimes, though, people may suspect that their loved one is experiencing neglect.

There are a few steps people should take in a situation of possible elder abuse.

Pay a visit to the facility

According to the American Association of Retired Persons, people should examine the situation for themselves. They should visit their loved ones at several different times of the day so they can observe the daily routine at the nursing home. Is the food nutritious? Is the senior getting enough to eat?

People should also observe the way that staff members interact with the residents. Do they treat seniors with respect? Are they getting the care and the medication they need?

Keep a record

During a visit, family members may see signs that the nursing home staff is not taking enough care of the residents. According to Daily Caring, people should write down all the incidents and problems that they notice. In some situations, if allowed, they may also need to install a camera in their family member’s room. These steps allow people to create a record of the care that a senior receives.

Set up a meeting

Once people compile their record, they should meet with the director of the nursing home. During this meeting, people can explain their concerns and show the written record and any video footage. A responsible director should listen to the family members and take immediate steps to resolve the situation.

Sometimes, a nursing home director may dismiss a family’s concerns. In this case, people may need to meet with the local ombudsman or find a new nursing home.


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